SVLS Elementary School Wish List:

Stage ($6000-$8000)
Funds for building risers for Christmas Service
Lighting Improvement for the stage
Cricut Machine (About $200) and Cricut cartridges ($40-$80)
Financial contributions toward field trips
Wireless Mics (Need up to 7)
Vacuum Cleaner - Dyson V8
a Sitting Stool
Plastic Bible Characters
Boom Whackers (Assorted Lengths)
Donation to music fund (any amount)
Donation to library for books (any amount)
Donation to Technology fund (any amount)

Preschool Wish List:

Small cars/trucks
Wooden puzzles
Duplos (any amount)
White Ice cube trays (15)
Plastic kitchen tongs
Plastic colanders
Potato Mashers
Card stock (8½ by 11) colored and white

Sensory Items
* assorted beans
* assorted pasta
* sand
* unpopped popcorn
* clear hair gel (cheap)
* shaving cream
* beads (wooden or plastic)
* straws
* toothpicks


**updated 8/2016**