What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is just another term for gift cards from national and local retailers such as Kwik Trip, Festival Foods, Kohl’s, Walmart, etc.  These retailers agree to sell the gift cards to the SVLS SCRIP Program at a discount.  Families then buy gift cards for face value from the SVLS SCRIP Program and redeem them for full face value.  The SVLS SCRIP Program keeps the difference and that is how money is raised.  Families raise funds by using SCRIP to pay for their everyday purchases such as gas and groceries.

The SVLS SCRIP Program year runs from July 1 through June 30.  The rebate is split between the families and SVLS.  The first 60% of the rebate goes to families to apply to their tuition, to another family’s tuition of their choice, or to SVLS.  This portion can also be saved from year to year.   The remaining 40% of the rebate is for Scrip program administration and for SVLS.

What percentage of the certificates’ face value is returned to SVLS as revenue?

Percentages range from 2-18%.

How will SVLS’s portion (40%) of the returned revenue be used?

First, expenses will be paid (e.g. $8.50 weekly shipping charges, supplies, etc.).  Secondly, the money will be used to purchase additional inventory of SCRIP.  Thirdly, surplus money will be used for school projects at the discretion of the Board of Education.

Who is eligible to purchase SCRIP?

Anyone may purchase SCRIP after filling out an enrollment form. Participants will be asked to choose whether their SCRIP earnings will be credited toward the tuition of their child, credited to another family, or directed to the SVLS General Fund.

Can I change where my SCRIP earnings are directed once I have enrolled?

Yes, just fill out a new enrollment form and change your designation. All SCRIP earnings (retroactive to July 1, the beginning of the SCRIP fiscal year) will be directed to your new choice.

How do I purchase SCRIP?

Fill out an order form located by the SCRIP box on the wall (Mt. Calvary and Bethel). Return your form to the SCRIP box located on the wall (Mt. Calvary and Bethel).

When can I purchase SCRIP?

Orders can be placed with a SCRIP volunteer on Thursday from 3:30 p.m to 3:45 p.m.  Orders (along with payment by cash or check) may also be placed in the SCRIP box anytime.  Online access to the scrip ordering website set up for SVLS lets you place orders anytime before 9am Monday mornings to assure Thursday delivery.


Can I place my order online?

We do offer families the option to place their orders online.  Orders will need to be in the computer system by 9 am on Monday in order to be included in the week’s order.  The family order will then be available for pickup on Thursday at school or Sunday after church.  There are two ways to pay for the online order:

  1. by check – needs to be submitted by Monday at 9 am in order to be included in week’s order and
  2. by Presto-Pay – direct withdrawal from your checking account.

Follow the instructions on the Shop With Scrip website - -  to set up your account. There are many benefits to ordering online.  These include:

  • Check your account history and rebate history
  • Reload existing gift cards
  • Get scrip immediately with “ScripNow”

Visit to view the latest retailers and bonus offers.

When can I pick up my SCRIP order?

Some SCRIP certificates will be available to be picked up at the time the order is placed.  Typically, orders for SCRIP placed by 9 am on Monday are available for pick-up on Thursday afternoon at SVLS.

Can I pick up my SCRIP from the school office at other times during the week?

Yes – you can pick up your filled order from the school office during normal office hours.  However, this program is run entirely by volunteers and the school office will not be able to sell any SCRIP cards.

How can I pay for my SCRIP order?

The SVLS SCRIP program will accept cash and personal checks. Payment must accompany the order form.

When will school families receive their tuition credit for their SCRIP earnings?

In July, the scrip rebates are processed.  By registration night in early August, the amount of a person’s SCRIP earnings from the past school year (July 1-June 30) will have been processed and applied to their family’s tuition bill at SVLS for the upcoming year.

Can I start earning tuition credits for a child not yet enrolled at SVLS?

Yes. Your tuition credits will be rolled over each year until your child (or grandchild) begins school.

If my child does not attend SVLS next year, what happens to my earnings?

If a family decides to remove their child(ren) any SCRIP money earned will be placed in SVLS's tuition assistance fund.

Is there a minimum amount of certificates that I have to order?

There is no minimum amount to order.

Can I use scrip to pay department store charge account balances?

A few retailers allow you to pay charge account balances with scrip, but generally speaking, most do not. Kohl’s Department store is one local business which allows customers to pay on charge card balances using scrip gift cards.

If I have further questions or want to open a SCRIP account, who do I contact?

SVLS’s SCRIP Coordinator is Jennifer Grady - 920-810-3884.

Other scrip volunteers that would be able to help you are:  Michele Kressin, Shannon Weyenberg, and Christi Wolff.